The Pivot of Civilization

by Margaret Sanger

To Alice Drysdale Vickery
Whose prophetic vision of liberated womanhood has been an inspiration

«I dream of a world in which the spirits of women are flames stronger than fire, a world in which modesty has become courage and yet remains modesty, a world in which women are as unlike men as ever they were in the world I sought to destroy, a world in which women shine with a loveliness of self-revelation as enchanting as ever the old legends told, and yet a world which would immeasurably transcend the old world in the self-sacrificing passion of human service. I have dreamed of that world ever since I began to dream at all.»

­­Havelock Ellis

Introduction­­By H. G. Wells

Chapter 1­­A New Truth Emerges

Chapter 2­­Conscripted Motherhood

Chapter 3­­"Children Troop Down from Heaven"

Chapter 4­­The Fertility of the Feeble-Minded

Chapter 5­­The Cruelty of Charity

Chapter 6­­Neglected Factors of the World Problem

Chapter 7­­Is Revolution the Remedy?

Chapter 8­­Dangers of Cradle Competition

Chapter 9­­A Moral Necessity

Chapter 10­­Science the Ally

Chapter 11­­Education and Expression

Chapter 12­­Woman and the Future

Appendix­­Principles and Aims of the American Birth Control League

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