1. Histoire de l'eugénisme en France, Anne Carol, 1995, p.339. Anne Carol observes some eugenic drifts in France in the PMA (medically assisted procreation) and abortion. But, since she only studies the doctors, she does not discover the extended strategic redeployment of eugenics, under other names and with other methods much more effective than those of 1933 to 1945.

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5. In France, the M.F.P.F. claims for the extension of the abortion law to immigrant women, in a direct connection with the eugenicist policy having always considered immigrants as inferior races.

6. The term "birth control" is today a synonym of "contraception" in everyday language. Today a new term, much more sanitized, designates the old "birth control": fertility control.

7. Just like Annie BESANT was, the founder in Great Britain of the "Malthusian League". Let's take into account also that Annie Besant had succeeded the spiritualist Helena Petrovna BLAVATSKY as head of the Theosophical Society who was the author of The Secret Doctrine (1888), this book being the basic manual of today's Hindu-pagan movement called "New Age" and one of the sources of the theory of arian race superiority.

8. The communist Chinese regime applies this even today: it is necessary to have a pregnancy license to be pregnant, any illegal pregnancy is subject to abortion, the number of children by couple is limited to one, two in the rural areas. It is calculated that 60 million children are illegal; besides an extended eugenicist program is set up: disabled people are sterilized and euthanasia is applied to the elderly.

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15. by Dr Clarence J.GAMBLE, regional director of the Birth Control Federation of America for Southern States. Gamble comes from the washing powder company Procter & Gamble.

16. Two pilot projects of this type were implemented in 1940 in two southern states of the USA. They were financed by Albert D. LASKER and his wife...

17. 43% according to A.L.Thornton, "U.S. Statistical Survey: A Reanalysis of the 1980 Census Figures for Population Distribution and Composition," in Demographics Today, March 1983, p.62 ; according to other sources, black children are aborted 3 times more, proportionately than the American average.

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19. To know more about this subjet see the book published by Steven W.Mosher, Broken Earth, The Rural Chinese, publishing house: Robert Hale, London, 1984. Steven is anthropologist and studied the rural life in China between 1979 and 1980 in the southwestern area of China. These informations, namely those about compulsory abortion were disclosed in his book, which got him expelled from the country by the communist government...

20. By merging with the "Clinical Research Bureau", another creation of Margaret Sanger with a more technical goal: to gather information and develop techniques to prevent pregnancies.

21. PPFA

22. The most effective propaganda was certainly that the birth control would preserve mothers and children's health and would keep the nation strong.

23. This was an old idea of Margaret Sanger : "We who advocate Birth Control, on the other hand, lay all our emphasis upon stopping not only the reproduction of the unfit but upon stopping all reproduction when there is not economic means of providing proper care for those who are born in health. (...) We hold that the world is already over-populated" (article "Birth Control and Racial Betterment.", in Birth Control Review, Volume III, Number 2, page 11, February 1919).

24. Margaret Sanger capitalized on the old opposition between Catholics and Protestants by pretending that only the Catholics were against her policy.

25. The beginning of the protestant churches downfall started in 1930 when the Lambeth Conference of anglican bishops accepted the use of artificial means of contraception in exceptional situations. It was the work of an active minority, one of whom was the Very Reverend William R. Inge, influential member of the English Eugenics Society, spokesperson of the anglican church in London, and and admirer of Margaret Sanger since 1920, whose book "Woman and the New Race" he had read. Soon followed most of the denominations known as "liberal" encouraged by Margaret Sanger's dollars and lobbyists. A noticeable subversion work.

26. After eugenics, this was her second reason to find out effective contraception methods.

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32. Initially Lucifer Trust.

33. The karma is the reincarnation cycle taught by Hinduism. A man who has done bad deeds would reincarnate after death in an inferior class or even worse, in an animal. It is also possible to progress if the man has done good deeds. This theology produced in India the social indifference and the contempt for inferior classes. One can escape his/her karma through yogi meditation which leads men to understand that he/she only makes part of a whole, of the immanent and impersonal deity that is God for Hinduism. The occidental way of spreading this ideology is to disguise it as "relaxation" and "sophrology".

34. Lucifer is in fact designated by Jesus-Christ as "father of lies" and of "murderer from the beginning". St Paul also explains: "For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but having itching ears, they shall heap to themselves teachers in accordance with their own lusts. And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned toward fables.".

35. Steiner had been since 1902 the general secretary to the German Theosophical Society in Berlin (he published Luzifer from 1903 to 1908); but he was attached to a "christian" mysticism inspired by Kabbala (the gnosis of the first heretics) that was badly accepted by the Hindu gnosis of the Theosophical Society. Therefore he founded the Anthroposophical Society that inspired the contemporary rosicrucians. Still today the steinerian Waldorf schools which main office is at Stuttgart, keep on indoctrinating children.

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37. Hitler ordered the change of the svastika of the German National Socialist party: he turned it to the right, thus imposing a negative idea on the svastika to the left, a solar symbol of goodness and harmony with nature that was also used by theosophists (New Age).

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39. After WW2, the works on racism have demonstrated that it was impossible to speak exactly of human "races", and research on mutations showed that characteristics acquired by mutation are not transmitted.

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