"Planned parenthood", propaganda and reality

In France, people talk about "family planning" or "planned parenthood". This organization seems to belong to accepted and official institutions. However, when you have a closer look at it, you make disturbing discoveries.

Planned Parenthood is in France directly associated with the MFPF (French Movement for Family Planning); it is of course a militant movement. In 1973-74, in the first issues of "Libération", in those times an openly extreme leftist newspaper, Planned Parenthood appears in all the campaigns of the extreme left which was signatory of multiple petitions. Particularly it appeared behind the campaign aimed at imposing abortion.

It is by the same time and within the same milieus of extreme left that we find Wilhelm's Reich promotion, a communist theoretician of sexual revolution, and the Small red book of the secondary school student , in which, among the recipes to smoke hachisch and marijuana, there are the formulas to practice total sexuality outside the execrated bonds of matrimony, with the pitch in favor of contraception.

Today the extreme left of those times is installed in the political power and in the media. Its formerly weird and extremist ideas, are spread through the ordinary media, as if they were normal; this is how "planned parenthood" is now recognized as an institution useful to society and respectable as to its grounds.

However, these observations of a recent past are only the tip of the iceberg. In order to understand the nature of "planned parenthood", it is necessary to go back in time to the beginning of the XXth century, particularly to its famous and honored founder, Margaret Sanger, who a man like Baulieu, the promoter of the RU 486, reveres on TV.

"Planned parenthood" creation in France, in the 50's, is reported in the chapter "Une histoire de femme" ("A woman's history..."). Here we will approach the profile of the movement´s founder in the USA and the spirit of the movement itself. Therefore, we choose to use the terms P.P.F.A. (Planned Parenthood Federation of America) and I.P.P.F. (International Planned Parenthood Federation).

The P.P.F.A. was created in 1942, the year of the launching of the Final Solution in the nazi Germany, which is by no means a coincidence.

The I.P.P.F was created in 1952 and it gathers all the planned parenthood associations sharing the same principles; among which the M.P.P.F (French Movement for Family Planning).

In fact, the P.P.F.A. was not born in 1942. It isn't but the continuation of the A.B.C.L. (American Birth Control league)(6)founded in 1919 by Margaret Sanger herself. [Likewise, the I.P.P.F. took back the premises of the Eugenist Society in London].

Portrait of Margaret Sanger

She's not just a suffragette, but an intelligent woman, fully oriented towards cruelty, an evil genius, at the origins and yet today, of enormous massacres; is this due to her being a member of the Rosicrucians? (7)

A revolutionary socialist

Sanger was a rebellious woman, educated with several revolutionary socialists such as Eugène Debs, Emma Goldman (a feminist agitator), Francisco Ferrer, etc. whose "theology" is founded on the texts of Ellen Key, a Swedish feminist, on Nietzsche with his subjective morality (situational ethics, as we would call it today) and on eugenics. For her, "the marriage's bed is the most deleterious influence of social order", maternity means slavery and sexuality outside marriage is a must. She ruined her first marriage with her first adultery with sexologist Havelock Ellis. She had as friends, lovers or comrades, all sorts of socialists, all of them eugenicists: Havelock Ellis, one of Galton's followers, the Leninists H.G. Wells, George Bernard Shaw, Julius Hammer, the National Socialists (nazis) Ernst Rüdin, Léon Whitney, Harry Laughlin, etc.

1925: some "militants" of the League for Birth Control selling the "Birth Control Review" in Atlantic City, New Jersey, city of casinos and of prostitution by the sea. It's a symbol of Margaret Sanger's movement: a libertine bourgeoisie who think they are the superior race and wants to eliminate the poor by imposing them birth control.

For them, there is no God; the Government is the supreme principle deciding above all consideration of intangible moral. The family, seen as a "bourgeois institution" must be destroyed and replaced by a governmental control of reproduction and education, the Lebensborn. This is how the Government can control the "production" of human beings in the future, both in the quantitative and "qualitative" plan(8).

The idea of racism and eugenics

The Francis Galton's eugenicist doctrine gave birth to a thought quite in fashion at the beginning of the century, of years 1920 to 1940. A eugenics chair was created at the University of London from 1904. Thus adhesion to eugenics spread quickly in the university milieus, particularly in Germany, in England and in the United States.

One of the main motivations of Margaret Sanger, during all her life, was her obsession of returning the populations who lived in the slums to the "natural selection" and"because of their animalistic nature bred like rabbits and would soon overrun the boundaries of their slum or country, contaminating the better elements of society with diseases and inferior genes"(9).

"The most merciful thing a large family can do to one of its infant members, is to kill it"(1920).

"The maternity facilities for slum mothers are injurious to the community and the race. Charity will only prolong the misery of the unfit"(1922).

No woman shall have the legal right to bear a child, no man shall have the right to become a father, without a permit for parenthood.(1934).

The racist politics

In the Birth Control Review (10), Sanger wrote in May 1919: "More children from the fit, less from the unfit ' that is the chief aim of birth control". In the headline of 1921 November's issue, it read: "Birth control — to create a race of thoroughbreds!".

The several links between the eugenicist movement and the "birth control movement" were obvious until 1942. Margaret Sanger explains:

"Birth Control which has been criticized as negative and destructive, is really the greatest and most truly eugenic method, and its adoption as part of the program of Eugenics will immediately give a concrete and realistic power to that science. In fact, birth control has already been accepted by the most lucid and clear-sighted among eugenicists themselves, as the most constructive and necessary of the means to racial health"(11).

"Before eugenicists and all those working for race improvement succeed, they must first make birth control easier. Just like birth control promoters, eugenicists, for example, seek to assist race through the elimination of the unfit. Both of them pursue the same aim but they insist on different methods"(12).

Support to the nazis

The Birth control review was chock-full of elitist documents issued by the most renowned and respected eugenicists (scientists, doctors, psychologists).

One of them, Dr Lothrop Stoddart, a Harvard graduate, director of the American League for birth control, wrote a book in 1940 (13) in which chapter "At the eugenic tribunal" he expressed his admiration for the way in which German people purified their race through the sterilization of the unfit: "Sterilization law eradicates the worst genetic traits of the german race in a really scientific and truly humanitarian manner.".

In the editorial of the Birth Control Review in April 1932, there is a "Peace Plan" and among the advocated measures:

"To apply a stern and rigid policy of sterilization and segregation to that fraction of population... whose inheritance is such that objectionable traits may be transmitted to offspring.

To prepare farm lands and homesteads for these segregated persons where they would be taught to work under competent instructors for the rest of their lives."

It's the concentration camp project! What is the difference with this text of the same time: "Those who are physically and mentally ill must not perpetuate their suffering in the bodies of their children. Should the State place race at the center of life" ? Only the author is different: it's Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf . Moreover, it is the nazi regime that legalized and encouraged contraception and abortion for Jewish people and Slavs considered as inferior races.

Therefore, there is nothing surprising about a possible connivance between the "birth control" movement and the nazis. This connection appears more clearly in the articles of the Birth control review: in 1933, "The eugenicist sterilization: an urgent need" by Ernst Rüdin, director of genetic sterilization under Hitler, later founder of the National-Socialist society for racial hygiene; still in 1933, "Selective sterilization" by Léon Whitney, who praises and defends the racial policy of the IIIrd Reich.

In November 1939 issue of the Birth Control Review there appears a comparative study of the birth control policies in Italy and Germany (14) approving the German program, since it has been "much more carefully accomplished. They recognize there the need for quality as well as for quantity".

Harry Laughlin, one of the most working activists of the American League for birth control, is the author of a frame law of eugenic sterilization directly adopted by Hitler. It also earned Laughlin the Honoris Causa Doctor diploma of the School of Medicine of the University of Heidelberg, then the center of "scientific" racism.

There are ,still today, other relations of this type with racist movements for white supremacy.

A strategy can hide another strategy

Nowadays, this racism still works in the planned parenthood area, but in a hidden way.

Act I: the 1939 "Negro Project " which concern was that "The mass of negroes, particularly in the South, disastrously continues to breed without restraints, the problem lies in the fact that this growth among the negroes comes from the less intelligent and fit fraction, more than among white people". There was a proposal to(15) hire three or four black ministers, with plenty of experience in social work and communication skills, to cover the Southern area promoting birth control(16). Thus the racist motivation would be concealed by a religious reason.

Act II: today black people amount for 11% of the United States population, and for 32 to 43% of abortions(17). Is this just "coincidence"?

Sometimes the intentions show on: "Each country will have to decide its own way of coercion, and it shall determine when and how it should be employed. At present, the means are compulsory sterilization and abortion. Perhaps one day it will be possible to impose birth control" (18). Unfortunately sometimes these intentions become true: compulsory abortion in socialist China(19) is an example.

Marketing genius

On the advice of a counselor in public relations, the movement accepted to abandon the term "birth control". The American Birth Control League, called since 1939, American Birth Control Federation(20) became the Planned Parenthood Federation of America(21), for the American opinion began to feel touched by the concentration camps and anti-Semitism, and so the eugenicist, racist, anti-Semitic and revolutionary praise was abandoned and replaced by a new project:

Soon this strategy gained for the Family Planning discourse, the admiration and respect of almost all the country and certainly of all the people involved in the social services.

It is not surprising then, in the 50's to see that Methodist Churches (24) promoted the I.U.D., an abortifacient instrument whereas before 1930 all Churches were against contraception(25).

Planned parenthood field spreads quickly: they decided to capitalize on the vices of a decadent humanity: the search of superficiality, the fear for responsibility


From the beginning, Margaret Sanger got involved in illicit sexual intercourse (26), that she considered according to the new moral values she wanted to impose. Still today, planned parenthood encourages sexual promiscuity and homosexuality; it has many tools available for such purpose:

The most frequent means to hide the sordid reality, is to use the terms recognized as "positive" and even christian values and associate them to a degrading language. Examples:

Collecting public money

Margaret Sanger has always known how to obtain money from where it was: her first husband was a wealthy bourgeois, her second husband, a rich manufacturer (Noah Slee, the owner of the oil "Three-in-One" , see cover page photo) who became the main donator of her wife's campaigns.

She even succeeded in subverting formerly christian foundations such as the Mellon, Rockefeller, Ford foundations among others... Their money was used to clear her racist reputation and to open the doors to Washington in order to liberalize contraception and to obtain a constant flow of public money: every private dollar collected is multiplied by financing lobbyists and fund collectors.

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