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COMMUNICATION on July 11, 2019:
Vincent Lambert killed. His executioners protected.

On July 11, 2019, at around 8:30 am, 10 days after Vincent Lambert's food and water supply stopped, he died of thirst and hunger, unable to react because he was drugged, detained and without protection.

The exact circumstances are not really clear (10 days is a very short period), but the French state, which ordered its physical elimination, will not ask for an investigation, will not expertise a crime scene, will not question suspects or witnesses.

Because it is indeed the French state at the highest level, by the Ministry of "Solidarity and Health", so with the approval of the Presidency, which appealed to the Court of Cassation court alleging procedural quibbles to overturn the decision of the Court of Appeal; this Court of Appeal had ordered on May 20 that Vincent's food and hydration should resume until the United Nations Committee on the Rights of Disabled Persons delivered its conclusions ( it has not enough time to do it).
The French state signs international treaties but does not respect them; it has as much word as a drunkard, and is meddling in moralizing to others, from the middle of his vomit.

The press, enslaved to the French state, starting with the TV channel TF1, only mentions this tragedy in deceptive terms: it talks about "end of life", with unwritten advance directives by Vincent, who had allegedly been in a vegetative state for 10 years (which is false). Nothing about conflicting interests and religions.
For Vincent was not at the end of his life. His death was deliberately caused by anti-Christian executioners. They hid by distorting a "law" that in reality concerns the continuity of care or not for people in agony; this text is iniquitous in that it confuses medical care with hydration and basic food; but it was not intended to allow the extermination of the disabled!

The French state is deeply involved in eugenics (as are perhaps the 37% of pseudo-Catholics who support it). It no longer needs yellow stars to track down disabled people; it manages their cases directly through digital files, better than the Vichy regime.
When's the next raid for the next shipment to the crematorium furnace?

Disabled people in France and their supporters now know that they must avoid contact with state "medicine": in addition to being incompetent, it is misguided and does not seek to care but to apply state policies, criminal in this case.

For the protection of the weakest, let us pray that God will sanction, from here on earth, the perpetrators of this extermination and that of the millions of babies killed before being born, under the cover of unjust "laws", because they are contrary to the Law of the Creator God, who judges the living and the dead.

The Truce of God