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Notice about the the flyers

You shall find with clicking here a model of flyer, both simple and complete. It will be useful as a master for xeroxing and distributing.

A. Individual distribution:
The most efficient is to distribute in selected places, especially through enriching the review in the waiting rooms:

B. Hiring:
Try to work with some others.

C. Distribution with a group (2 or +):
is much nicer and gives contacts; you need to be 2, for the sake of your security. Giving flyers is almost everywhere as long as you keep on public property (check your local regulations). In most of cases it is safer to avoid a public distribution inside an establishment. You may distribute:

D. To mail
Those of you that are used to writing may (hand)write to your MPs, representatives, senators, mayors, etc... explaining to them the abortive effects of the so called "contraception" and asking them to work at stopping the official deceitfulness: that all abortive product be labelled as such and to restrict their use to the abortion restrictive regulations, that the consciencious clause be respected, etc...
We are much interested by your letters and their answers.

E. Inform us
through dropping us a little word on the succeess and/or difficulties you meet in this campaign.

The flyer in Acrobat format (TM by Adobe)
Click here to download the PDF file (Adobe Acrobat TM) of the leaflet for distributing: print it and xerox it!
Contraception: camouflaged merchandise
Click here to view its content in a simple way

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