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Press releases :
July 1999, January 2000
Letter to the editor of "Le Figaro" Jan. 11, 2000, July 2000,
Oct.3, 2000, Oct.4, 2000,
Oct.5, 2000, Oct.6, 2000,
Open letters to the French MPs of Oct.24, 2000, Nov.25, 2000, Nov.27, 2000,
Open letters to the French Senators Dec.28, 2000, Feb.06, 2001, Mar.24, 2001,
and on Apr. 3, 2001, for the Paritary Mixt Commission
Apr.12, 2001 Eutha-nazia in Netherlands
Open Letter to French President Chirac Apr.17, 2001
Press release of May 31, 2001
P.R. June 20, 2001 : France to legalize cannibalism
P.R. Oct.24, 2001 : A won trial
"Perruche" act: P.R. Jan.12, 2002
The "morning after pill" accused: P.R. of March 4, 2002
To Sanction Chirac in the next presidential round: P.R. of Apr.23, 2002
The dangerous Van Lancker report in European Parliament: P.R. of June 28, 2002
Commemoration of the French abortion act: P.R. of Jan.16, 2003
Against the Sandbaeck report: P.R. of March 15, 2003
January 17, 2004: A 29 years long genocide: P.R. of January 17, 2004
RU486 is going to kill even more: P.R. of July 24, 2004
All Saints day: a duty to remember the victims of abortion: PR of Nov.1, 2004
30 years of abortions: the pro-aborts are harking back to the same old lies: PR of Nov.25, 2004
Rabbi Yehuda LEVIN protests against the participation of Mrs Veil in the commemoration of the liberation of Auschwitz: Communication of Jan.27, 2005
A Constitution that stinks like death: P.R of Apr. 29, 2005
UNO promotes abortion through the Millennium Development Goals: P.R of Sept.7, 2005
French Téléthon : a diversion of charity P.R. of Nov. 22, 2006
The carbon tax: harmful for the children P.R. of July 09, 2009
Vaccine eugenics on the move P.R. of Dec. 09, 2017
The crooked ecological transition: a Macronian imposture P.R. of Dec. 16, 2018
R.I.P. Bernard Kerdelhué P.R. of May 8, 2019
Vincent Lambert: a handicapped man the French state wants to exterminate P.R. of May 21, 2019
Vincent Lambert killed. His executioners protected. P.R. of July 11, 2019
COVID-19, from state quackery to medical dictatorship P.R. of December 29, 2020
Great pro-life victory in America P.R. of June 26, 2022