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The pill kills babies
Actually, chemical contraception has always had an abortive effect (besides the 100% abortive IUDs), it kills babies, but this fact has been hidden to you. This is true whatever the kind of pill; here are its 3 main action modes:
The anti-ovulation effect: the ovulation is often inhibited, but it is not always so. Depending on the kind of pill, a breakthrough-ovulation occurs in 2 to 60% of the cycles. This way, fertilization remains possible, the best evidence thereof is the "failure rate" of the pill: 3% of the women taking the pill become pregnant each year!
The thickening of the cervical mucus: disturbs the trip of the spermatozoas; the efficiency of this barrier is low, around 25%.
The alteration of the lining of the womb: regularly, the endometrium is proliferative in order to accept and sustain a conceived child, through providing it with oxygen and glucose. The hormonal "contraceptives" hinder a regular development of the endometrium throughout the cycle, and it becomes inhospitable to the child who may be conceived through the failure of the two first effects; this effect is thus
None of these mechanisms is 100% reliable. They vary depending on the persons, the food they eat, the sicknesses and cures they undergo. Consequently a woman using the pill (even a non 100% abortive kind), unknowingly performs chemical abortions!

The pill kills women
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