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COP21: the dangerous lie of the warmers' gang

October 17, 2015


For a hammer, everything is nails; for a Socialist everything is taxes.


The socialist clique in power in France will squander around 200 million euros - from public money - to organize a religious event: the Council of the warmers' faith in Paris, at the end of this year 2015. The TV newspapermen have already started an intensive propaganda campaign.

Warmist communism, a senile disorder

The UN is a mafia syndicate bringing together the states, this organization organizes wars and claims to say the international law; UN pursues depopulationist and eugenic goals, finances and encourages criminal operations of sterilizations and forced abortions, spreads abortifacient drugs in the Third World, etc. We have already published the reasons why the United Nations have to be considered as an adversary, whose nuisances can be verified since a long time. The United Nations, therefore, has set up a group of so called experts on climate, the IPCC, to prophesy disaster due to a global warming, rising sea levels, disruption of bad weather, etc.

The COuncil21 (WCs in English, World Council summit) is a religious event because "global warming" is a matter of faith, not of fact. It is a catastrophism restarted since 1992 to replace the former Communist faith, a global politician operation, thankfully doomed.

This is demonstrated by the historian and Christian economist Gary North (see his article here).

Warmers' quackery

On a scientific level, warmism is similar to alchemy: its adherents spend fortunes to carry out complex studies, while discarding the elements of reality that contradict their faith: it is a bigotry.

They ascribe the "warming" to human activity, through its use of fuels producing CO2, which would be responsible for a huge greenhouse effect that would have warmed the earth!

These smoky theories were countered by a massive petition from 31,000 qualified scientists: they explain their arguments on their site:

the IPCC willfully forgot to check its assumptions on the past (since the 20th century temperatures contradict its theories) and to take into account the solar activity (because we now know that this is the most important factor explaining the cold or hot periods). Besides, the greenhouse effect on Earth is primarily due to water vapor, and if there were some warming, it would be greatly beneficial, especially to agricultural production.

The infamous eugenics groups that drives warmism are not feeding their first catastrophist scam, with the support of the UN, nor the last one. All this would be laughable if the consequences of the warmers' faith were not so severe:

The warmers' purpose is clearly politic: strengthening the power of the states, offering them something to regulate, to control, to intervene into, to punish and to tax. This is the classical socialist goal.

They want to exploit the fear created by their catastrophism, through imposing costly (and useless) constraints on human activity, restricting the use of fuels to spend insane amounts in "renewable energy" whose cost is prohibitive; all this to justify their depopulationist eugenics and hinder the development of competing nations in the Third World:

according to their Darwinian creed, they see humans as animals; domestic animals one exploits or pests that must be exterminated, depending on the circumstances and priorities of the moment. These ecolomaniacs describe humans as a cancer harming the planet, plants and animals. Hence the programs of forced sterilization, forced abortions, abortive contraception, trivialization of homosexuality, all mixed with sexual revolution and misleading campaigns that they try to impose everywhere, especially in the Third world, through the UN agencies and NGOs financed by these eugenicists and public (stolen) money.

Socialism claims to be protecting the poor, but the age-old observation of its outcome demonstrates that it spreads misery and unhappiness.

A providential deadlock

Fortunately, no state wants to engage alone in the destruction of its own economy, despite the litany of journos and politicians mourning this deadlock, and their attempts to tax anyway.

Thus we have in France sufficiently stupid politicians for having tried a "carbon tax" (as already huge fuel taxes exist) following a happening called "Grenelle de l'environnement".

The COP21 of the sinister Mr Hollande also seeks to degenerate into costly and harmful to people initiatives.

Phil Jones? Has anyone seen Phil Jones?

Using a megaphone to pierce the noise in the Bella Center, at the World Climate Summit 2010 in Copenhagen, the polar bear boomed out: "Phil Jones? Has anyone seen Phil Jones?" He did not find him.

The warmers' faith has many skeletons in the closet for which discerning people are sensitive:

But Socialist politicians (almost all of them in France) lack common sense.

They know how to sell their lies, including to their "fellow travelers", called by Lenin "useful idiots" because he did not even need to pay them.

The useful idiots

Among these useful idiots, the so-called liberal -- apostate -- churches are found .

No one will not be surprised to see among them the French alleged "United Protestant Church"; it has nothing Protestant, but is "united" in its apostasy, because it already supports abortion and homosexuality... It now supports pilgrimages and calls for "climate justice"!

Even more surprising and disappointing is the position of the current Pope, who refused to listen to those who are not warmers as Philippe de Larminat, to write his latest encyclical "Laudato Si", and who preferred to submit to agents of the UN, as the neo-Malthusian activist Schellnhuber.

We obviously have a strange pope: in his encyclical (§175, 179), he supports a world government (the UN); he made statements in favor of the redistribution of wealth by the state, to help the poor! This is socialism, and socialism is an enemy of Christianity, it disregards the biblical teaching on property and family. Based on the manifest untruth of the "global warming", he despises the teaching of Jesus, the Way the Truth and the Life, "the truth shall make you free." This pope has been praised by advocates of "liberation theology" who recognize in him one of their own: from Leonardo Boff to Jim Wallis!

The least we can say is that this pope is a liberal pope, according to the saying of Leon Daudet: "A liberal is one who believes that his opponent is right."

Useful Idiots have therefore planned all kinds of supports to the COP21 masquerade, including a "ecumenical celebration" during the COP21 at Notre Dame de Paris.


The best answer to their error is to pray the Almighty God, the only master of the climate, for the failure and ridicule of the COP21 and to preserve the populations of dangerous decisions that could result of it. And for a definitive cessation of this fable of the Socialist warming.