>Frederick Osborn :

American, associate member of the American Eugenics Society since 1937 and a member of its Advisory Committee in 1957.

It is the most noticeable person in the American Eugenics Society of the postwar period; co-founder, with John D. Rockefeller, of the Population Council, pro-abortion lobby; he encouraged the creation of demography training centers at the UN.

After the second world war, he handles the strategic substitution of eugenics for crypto-eugenics and establishes the goals of the Eugenics Society: "...to seek out the genetically valuable individuals ...with the attempt to reduce births among the less valuable".

He recommends to:

1. Condition the environment through: "social and psychological pressures brought to bear on young people and parents";

2. To manipulate behavior: "the proposal would be put forward... on the grounds that more children would grow up in better home environments, with no public argument made in favor of eugenics.";

3. Introduce contraception and abortion: "... there are means of selection which do not require that we humiliate ... when family planning has spread to all members of the population and means of effective contraception are readily available ..." "couples will have as many children as their income allows them to, that is, in relation to their socially valuable qualities."

>Dr. Carlos P. Blacker :

British, secretary to the Eugenics Society from 1931 to 1943, general secretary in 1943, director from 1944 to 1946, president in 1951, honorary member in 1957.

A disciple of Julian Huxley, he becomes medical doctor in 1931. A member of the Royal Commission on Population, he is a delegate at the World Conference on Population in 1954 and a counselor on social matters and population with the Health Ministry in 1958. Administrative President of the I.P.P.F. from 1959 to 1961.

In a report for the Eugenics Society in 1951, with reference to the nazi experiments on live persons to develop an economic method for mass sterilization, he found out that the nazi methods did not work but "the continuation of experimentation with one of the many sterilization-drugs used by the Nazi doctors would be perfectly appropriate ..."

>Sir Julian S. Huxley :

British, (1887-1975), member of the Eugenics Society Council in 1931, vice-president from 1937 to 1944 and president from 1959 to 1962. First General Secretary of the UNESCO, from 1946 to 1948. He is also the founder of the World Wildlife Fund.

Member of the executive committee of the Euthanasia Society,he was vicepresident of the Association for the Reformation of the Abortion law (pro-abortion) from 1969 to 1970.

He had four children, one of which was Aldous Huxley, the author of the book "A brave new world", which depicts a system dreamt by the Eugenics Society.

This is the opinion of this influential man whose goals are fulfilled today: "By social problem group I mean the people, all too familiar to social workers in large cities, who seem to have ceased to care, and just carry on the business of bare existence in the midst of extreme poverty and squalor. All too frequently they have to be supported out of public funds, and become a burden to the community. Unfortunately they are not deterred by the conditions of existence from carrying on with the business of reproduction: and the average size of their family is too large, much larger than the average for the whole country.

Intelligence and other tests have revealed that they have a very low average I.Q.; the indications are that they are genetically subnormal in many other qualities, such as initiative, pertinacity, general exploratory urge and interest, energy, emotional intensity, and will power. Mainly, their misery and improvidence is not their fault but their misfortune: our social system provides the land on which they can be fruitful and multiply, but with no prospects save poverty and squalor.

Here again, voluntary sterilization could be useful. But our best hope, I think, must lie in the perfection of new, simple and acceptable methods of birth control, whether by oral contraceptive or perhaps preferably by immunological methods involving injections."

"The revolution itself is inevitable. (...) The revolution could be carried out in different ways. (...) The totalitarian way... is not very attractive, but it can assure a very high performance, as the enemies of the nazi Germany discovered to their own cost. However, it is quite logical to believe that this advantage is not long lasting. (...) Democracy must be "discussed" according to a changing world".

Julian Huxley then explains his Keynesian ideology : liberal economy must be controlled and run by the Government.

"Darwin's generalization ... about natural selection, has made it possible and necessary to eliminate the idea of God guiding the evolution life phases. Finally, the generalizations of modern psychology and of compared religion have made it possible and necessary to eliminate the idea of God guiding mankind evolution by means of inspiration or other supernatural way of guidance. (...) Freud, added to Darwin, was enough to give us our philosophical outline. (...) [If the individual] wants to apply his apparently absolute moral values, to particular situations, these values will constantly need the help of relativism. (...) It is forbidden to kill: but it is necessary to judge in a rational manner if this principle concerns the war, certain cases of suicide and of abortion, euthanasia and birth regulation. (...) Society must make rational use of an irrational mechanism to create the value system it ambitions".

>Lord John M. Keynes :

(1883-1946). British economist, fundamentally anti-christian, director of the Eugenics Society from 1937 to 1944, vicepresident in 1937. He is the organizer of the Keynesian doctrine, which advocates the control of liberal economy by the Government. First World Bank governor in 1946 (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development). In India in 1966, during famine, the loans of the World Bank were conditioned to the establishment of a birth control policy (abortion, sterilization and contraception).

Keynes strongly believed in Galtonian eugenics, which he considered the most important branch of sociology.

>Prof. Dr. Otmar Freiherr von Verschuer :

(1896-1969). German, a member of the American Eugenics Society in 1956 and of the A.S.H.G. (American Society of Human Genetics).

A medical doctor, he was the director of the division "Human heredity" at the Institute Kaiser Wilhelm in Berlin in 1934. He taught "the complete field of anthropology, of human heredity and of eugenics" as well as "the general and specific pathological heredity". In 1935, Von Verschuer declared that they were "responsible for assuring that the care of the genes and the race, in which Germany was a world leader, has such a strong base that can resist any outer attack.". From 1936 to 1942 he is the director of the Institute of the Third Reich for Heredity, Biology and Racial Purity in Frankfurt.

He is a war criminal who escaped the proceedings, in spite of his association with Mengele (the one who was nicknamed the Death Angel), his pupil. He made others finance and use the results of his "research" in Auschwitz.

He inspired Mengele his experiments on twins: for example he collected the eyes of the twins killed by Mengele to finance his research on hereditary transmission of eye defects.

He also made others finance his protégé: "My co-researcher in this research is my assistant the anthropologist and physician Mengele. He is serving as Hauptsturmfuhrer and camp doctor in the Auschwitz concentration camp... With the permission of the Reichsfuhrer SS Himmler, anthropological research is being undertaken on the various racial groups in the concentration camps and blood samples will be sent to my laboratory for investigation". The money obtained was used to build a dissection chamber, located between the gas chambers and the oven. Different organs, limbs, blood (taken from people interned in the concentration camps previously infected with typhoid fever) were taken there and then sent to Von Verschuer and to other scientists of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute.

After the nazi defeat, Von Verschuer destroyed his correspondence with Mengele and pretended to be unaware of anything that happened in Auschwitz and of the barbarian methods of his disciple.

The belated knowledge of these activities made the Nuremberg Court condemnation impossible. Kallmann testified in favor of Von Verschuer. The medical expert in chief of the Tribunal was Léo Alexander, who also became a member of the A.S.H.G. (American Society of Human Genetics ) in 1954.

After the war, Von Verschuer made contact with British eugenicists (Bureau of Human Heredity in London): "I hope that the scientific equipment of the former Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Dahlem which I brought ... to Frankfort will enable me to continue or rather restart my research work ... tuberculosis research ... I do not give up hope that there will be people in England and in America who will help me continue my scientific research".

Von Verschuer also indicated them that he kept the results of the research done in Auschwitz.

In 1968, he finished his course as an emeritus professor at the Human Genetics Institute of Munster University. His successor was Widukund Lenz, Fritz Lenz's son, the instigator of Hitler's eugenic policy.

As for Joseph Mengele, the "death angel", he escaped to Argentina where he continued his career by practicing illegal abortions. A young woman died and Mengele had to appear before the tribunals that, surprisingly, did not sentence him (New York Times, 11/02/1992).

>Pr Franz J. Kallmann:

German, associate member of the American Eugenics Society in 1955, founder of the A.S.H.G. (American Society of Human Genetics) in 1948 (with Von Verschuer).

This psychiatrist begins his career in 1919 in Breslau and he continues in the neuropathology laboratories of the psychiatric hospitals in Berlin from 1929 to 1935. He was trained by Ernst Rüdin in Munich. [Ernst Rüdin was director of genetic sterilization under Hitler, later he founded the National Socialist Society for Racial Cleaning ]. Due to his Jewish descent, Kallmann was driven out of Germany in 1936, which did not prevent him from testifying in favor of Von Verschuer (protector of Mengele) before the Nuremberg Court.

He created the medical genetics department in the Psychiatric Institute of the State of New York in 1936. There he continued his research on the genetics of schizophrenia with the financial help of Northern Scottish rite freemasons (6 million dollars).

When he published the results of his works in 1938, he did not forget to thank Ernst Rüdin, the designer of Hitler's racial laws as well the Scottish rite freemasons. "Dr. Franz J. Kallmann, who was formerly associated with Dr. Ernst Rudin, investigating in genetic psychiatry, is now attached to the New York Psychiatric Institute and Hospital, where he is doing research work in the same field."published the Eugenical News in 1938.

Like Mengele, Kallmann was highly interested in studying twins. He is one of the main initiators and founders of the A.S.H.G. (American Society of Human Genetics). He initiated the development of prenatal tests, the source of eugenic abortion.

>The Rockefeller family:

As from the 19th century with John D. Rockefeller influenced by the social darwinism of Herbert Spencer, this American powerful family finances the eugenic activism, specially by means of the following organizations:

The Population Council, founded by Frederick Osborn and John D. Rockefeller III, has a major influence on the American depopulation policy, ("experts" training in demography and support to research on contraceptives and abortifacients). Hoechst-Roussel has "given" the Population Council the license of the RU486. It also receives funds from the Ford Foundation.

The Kinsey reports have been a major tool for sex revolution, although they were a proven scientific fraud.

The World Watch Institute, created by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund to "alert those who make decisions and the general public about the emerging global trends in the availability and management of resources' both human and natural" under the direction of the renowned activist Lester R. Brown. The World Watch Institute wants the press to focus on the population "crisis" by publishing brochures and books announcing the imminence of calamities due to overpopulation. It is financed by both the UN and the Ford Foundation. The World Watch Institute in its report of January 14, 1996 sings the praises of China and Iran because of their anti-family policies and at the same time it deplores the extinction of wild animal species.

Catholics for a Free Choice, the goal of which is to make people believe that they can be catholic and promote abortion.

The Planned Parenthood, as well as all its avatars during this century. Margaret Sanger transferred the money of the Rockefellers and the McCormicks to Gregory Pincus, to support his research on the "pill". It's today the activist sector of eugenics, camouflaged with "the reproduction health services".

The Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin and in Munich. The Rockefellers helped Ernst Rüdin, the designer of Hitler's eugenic policy.

Alexis Carrel, a French citizen, Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1912, worked for the Rockefeller Medical Institute. He said in 1935 : "Why wouldn't society dispose of criminals and insane people in a more economical manner?... In Germany, the government took tough measures against the multiplication of inferior types, insane people, criminals ..."
(Beginning in 1996, the University Alexis Carrel in Lyon was renamed; let's wait and see the same happens with the Rockefeller avenue.)

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), intended to promote a "new world order", against the national sovereignties.

The Rockefeller Foundation, "to promote the well-being of mankind throughout the world", is focused on the development of the "population sciences". It's an instrument to transfer money, mainly to Planned Parenthood.

The UN: The UN Declaration on Population was an initiative of John D. Rockefeller III. Rockefeller gave money and plot of land for the UN building in New-York. Among the American representatives of the "Population" division, there were F. Notestein and Kingsley Davis of the American Eugenics Society. The demography area of the UN is an initiative of Frederick Osborn (also a member of the A.E.S.); G. Acsadi-Johnson who in 1974 was also a member of A.E.S. was in charge of the "Fertility and Population".

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