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COMMUNICATION on December 29, 2020:
COVID-19, from state quackery to medical dictatorship

Quack: "The one who exploits public credulity, praising his products, his science, his qualities.
Healer or doctor who is ignorant and without conscience. »

Here is the definition of modern politicians: they promise everything and cannot keep their promises; they meddle in everything and create new problems by pretending to solve them.

Politicians are chosen by voters who have lost faith in God and replaced it with faith in the state. The state can then extend its reach:

With the Chinese flu epidemic of early 2020, the harmfulness of politicians in the field of health and medicine became even more apparent.

Since at least the infamous trio Giscard d'Estaing/ Chirac/ Veil (who are now kicking themselves in hell), the ministers of health have been working to reduce the life expectancy of the French; they look after the interests of the ruling caste to the detriment of the health and life of the population:

The fact is that politicians do not care about saving human lives: they claim to want to help the population resist the epidemic, but their actions prove the opposite: their recommendations are unreliable and their interventions are harmful. Wars and economic crises have always been for them good opportunities to extend their power.

In Biblical Law, medicine cannot be separated from a spiritual ministry: the word salvation and the word healing are often synonymous. State medicine had reduced the life expectancy in Soviet Union; it goes on here today.

It is now urgent that medicine be freed from the yoke of the state, and that the Ministry of Health, the College of Physicians and Corrupt Agencies be abolished. The free choice of patients and their families as clients is wiser and more effective in defending their own interests and their own health.

The Truce of God