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COMMUNICATION on May 8, 2019 :
R.I.P. Bernard Kerdelhué

The civic right wing is mourning. Bernard Kerdelhué, Honorary Professor at the Faculty of Sciences of Paris, Emeritus Research Director at the CNRS at the Biomedical UFR of the Faculty of Medicine of the Saints Pères, died on May 6, 2019. It won't be discussed, he was a Catholic and a right-wing man.

He was a recognized specialist in applied biological and fundamental sciences and in cell signalling, endocrinology and reproduction.

He was also an anti-abortion activist of the Truce of God, sent on mission to Saint John Paul II, whom he advised efficiently for the encyclical Evangelium Vitae. He was one of the editors of the scientific part of the instrumentum laboris, the working instrument. Saint John Paul II expressed his gratitude to him in a private interview where the scientist and the holy pope exchanged their experiences with each other on the scientific and spiritual reality of a human life from conception.

Very soon after this mission, INRA and DGA cut all their research credits to him. This is exactly what happened to his friend Jerôme Lejeune after the abortion law was passed.
In this militant commitment Bernard Kerdelhué was led to frequent professors Pierre de Vernejoul, a pioneer in France in nuclear medicine, and Yves Durand, Jacques Chirac's adviser in Matignon, and to actively militate with them in the UNI, the academic right wing movement founded by Jacques Foccart at the request of the General de Gaule, after the events of May 68. Bernard Kerdelhué became its treasurer and one of its leaders, along with the physicist Gérard Daury. He devoted himself to it, in particular, for the liberalisation of scientific research in France, which had been stifled by left-wing political and trade union lobbies.

Bernard Kerdelhué also worked for the International Inquiry Commission on the RU486 which, in its report, explains the dangerousness of this anti-human pesticide for the mother too; since that time (1990) the product has killed many women and a very large number of children, in the name of the eugenics ideology which presents itself as "feminist", with the complicity of the large declining media with the complicity of the declining mainstream media, which prefer to honour the high level criminals who have set up the current genocide rather than denounce it.

This is why these media and their leaders (politicians) will not tell you about this scientist or his courageous attitude; but the men and women of heart will go to mourn him at his funeral, Thursday, May 09, 2019 at 10:00 am in the Church of Saint Francis Xavier in Paris.

The Truce of God