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PRESS RELEASE OF Dec. 16, 2018:
The crooked ecological transition: a Macronian imposture

As we have already explained since 2015, the smoky "global warming" theories are the pretext for an increase in state control, particularly through a growing and strangling tax burden. France exceeded a threshold with more than 48% of compulsory taxes, and the Prime Minister wanted to maintain the target of increasing fuel taxes. He and President Macron thus claimed to be fueling an "ecological transition", and they want to continue practicing "education" to explain to the ignoramuses they think we are how to avoid the end of the world promised by the warmist prophets of doom of the IPCC, the UN, and their clients.

Obviously, the increase in confiscation had to face the reality of life, hence the peasant tax revolt of the "yellow vests", precisely at the same time as the COP24. However, the arguments of the French state are not disputed on the principle, which is why it seems useful to recall how the "ecological transition" is an crooked transition.

Where does the "ecological transition" come from?

It is the term used by the French state to name a department (Hulot, then De Rugy). This term is based on a concept launched by activist Rob Hopkins in 2008 and spread by his transition manual (see The Transition Handbook: From Oil Dependency to Local Resilience). In it, Rob Hopkins says he believes in global warming without having really studied it, and he relates this to the "peak oil" which predicts the exhaustion of oil in the near future (it is still thought 40 years away; in 1973 it was already 40 years away...)

Rob Hopkins' idea is to implement lifestyle changes, from the bottom up but with political pressure, by building an alternative lifestyle that pollutes less the living environment and reduces the use of oil, also improving people's ability to survive change (what he calls resilience).

Rob Hopkins is visibly Buddhist and has been deeply influenced by eugenicists of the previous generation such as Dennis Meadows and Lester Brown. Dennis Meadows is the author of "The Limits to Growth: A Report for the Club of Rome's Project on the Predicament of Mankind" in 1973 in which he preached for depopulation, rejecting the Christian ethics of respect for human life. This report has had a major influence on the legalization of abortion around the world, even if its logic and predictions have been proven false: there has been no famine due to any " overpopulation ". It was just disguised eugenicist propaganda. Lester Brown, of the Worldwatch Institute, is also a neo-Malthusian, whose famine prophecies were also found to be false.

These false prophets have influenced the urban intellectuals (or "bobos", but falsely called "elites") who control the states of Western countries since the days of the infamous V. Giscard d'Estaing.

To sum up, Rob Hopkins is a kind of leftist eugenicist and Buddhist, but he has the merit of now being exposed to reality by working on permaculture.

The French state is beyond its role

God's law limits the role of civil government to that of enforcing justice (Rom. 14:4-6), and warns against assigning it broader responsibilities (1 Sam. 8:11-18): it then falls under the religion of a Moloch state. France has a civil religion of this type, where the state claims to rule everything, an inheritance of kings who wanted to be absolute sovereigns.

The French state has therefore copied the term "ecological transition" by aggravating its bureaucratic bias: in a pure socialist, and even Soviet tradition, it considers itself to be the learned elite and wants to take an interventionist action to transform a society against its will, through new regulations, additional fuel taxes and coercion on manufacturers, particularly in the automotive industry.

Its official motivation is totally stupid: to reduce CO2 emissions to avoid global warming. We have already discussed the foundations of this UN myth, which takes on the appearance of science.

His method is brutal and inept: increasing fuel prices by additional so-called "carbon" taxes, when it already consists of more than 60% taxes, believing that it encourages people to change cars, by switching from diesel to electric.

But there is no electric car on the market offering the same durability and autonomy as a diesel or regular gasoline car. There are indeed luxury Tesla or Porsche cars that could withstand comparison, but their price is unaffordable and they are accessible only to a very rich clientele.

To avoid heavy financial penalties imposed by the state, each car manufacturer is required to offer electric cars, but they have a ridiculous autonomy (150 km), with batteries for rent; they find only very few buyers. It is a waste for manufacturers, an expense that will never be amortized, because building batteries with a high capacity and durability is very difficult; it has been tried since the end of the 19th century, without much success.

Moreover, it appears that only a small proportion of these "carbon" taxes are actually used to finance so-called clean infrastructures, such as wind turbines or solar panels, the rest being used for the state's usual (abusive) expenses. It should also be noted that these wind and solar infrastructures are also disastrous investments that produce very little electricity compared to the capital spent.

Moreover, the battery of an electric vehicle is not in itself an energy source: it must be charged from the electricity grid, which in France mainly uses nuclear energy and then conventional fuels. It is therefore a mistake to consider the electric vehicle as a "clean" vehicle; the Minister of Transition perseveres in this error, and "perseverare diabolicum est".

States are always incompetent in terms of technology, as shown by their past attempts (the "calcul" plan, the major industrial plans, Mao's great march, etc.) and the nature of such a transition depends on the freedom of the market.

A disqualified state

The state is also the biggest perpetrator of pollution and poisoning of the population.

The drug and food and health regulatory agencies change their names with each major scandal. They see only with political eyes and favor their friends, those among the industrialists who have influence in the agencies or departments in question. Their products or services are approved by the official system. Their competitors are excluded. The negative consequences of these products or services are ignored, denied and, above all, not studied, and manufacturers are exempt from liability in the event of legal proceedings, because the state covers them.

The products and services in question include vaccines, medicines, certain foods, certain chemicals, prenatal extermination services and products (abortions and abortive birth control).

Since the representatives of the industries in question are the experts consulted by the control agencies, there is therefore a huge amount of corruption and very poor services or products that are imposed on the country's population. Some typical examples of these corruptions:

These are not exceptional dysfunctions, this is business as usual in almost all Western states. This is obvious when you know human nature, which is naturally corrupt, as the Bible teaches. It is therefore unrealistic to imagine that these agencies will remedy these scandals with new regulations or procedures.

How can we imagine that states claiming the spiritual heritage of Danton, Robespierre, Bonaparte, Bismarck, Clémenceau, Hitler, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Roosevelt, Giscard, Veil, Mao, etc. have the slightest desire to seek the good of the people? For them, "The State is the march of God through the world", as Hegel said. They practice hypocrisy, propaganda, to convince people of their interest and compassion for them, but the facts actually show their constant contempt.

This totally disqualifies the state in science, medicine, health and technology.
It is therefore not credible when it deals with CO2, fine particles, food, energy and health.

Remove fat from the mammoth

The action of the yellow vests, even if the (revolutionary) method is questionable, will have had the merit of causing a (temporary?) stop to the ruinous and useless anti-C02 policy and will have ridiculed the "Paris Agreement".

It shows the off-the-soil politicians of other Western countries that it is politically dangerous to overtax people to please the pseudo-ecological UN mafia. Even Trump, whom the intellectuals consider a fool, had understood this a long time ago.

To go further and return to a regular Christian civilization, it is necessary for the state to refocus on its only legitimate mission, justice; it will only do so for lack of money. It is up to us to vote for his weight loss, for a separation of the state and the fields of health, education, economy, etc.

The welfare state is actually a curse for people, and we must get out of it, preferably before it collapses on its own, drowned out by debts.

This will be facilitated by (Christian) families taking charge of their normal responsibilities in the fields of education, charity, health, etc.

This is how Christianity defeated the Roman Empire.

Thierry LEFEVRE, La Trêve de Dieu