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Press release of July 9, 2009:
The carbon tax: harmful for the children

The French state perseveres in promoting abortion: after having transformed the PMI (mother an children protection social service) into abortuaries, named Simone Veil to the Académie Française, pushed to transform the midwives and the doctors into abortionists, promoted abortion in the Third world, it now wants to tax (even more) the fuel use.

It is a part of the measures intended “to save the planet”, “to protect the environment” and “to fight against the climate changes”.

It is actually a sordid pretext to impoverish even more the families. How is it?

  1. Taxes are always eventually paid by the final customer,
  2. Families require more livable space (thus more heating), bigger cars (thus more fuel), than urban single yuppies,
  3. Families do not have the capital necessary to finance nonprofitable luxury technologies like solar panels or wind mills, or new cars,
  4. So the families will eventually pay the “carbon tax”, and it will impoverish them further, and thus it will push them toward abortion.

It is the real goal of this operation, and we denounce it. Because in fact, for the environmentalist yuppies, human beings are only polluting animals harmful for "Mother-Earth". They thus support the eugenicist and malthusian programs aiming at depopulating the earth, while starting with the Third world. And the means they use range from genocide (abortions, contraceptive poisoning, killings) to the planning of famine. Others, acting on like minded ideologies, already committed this kind of atrocities throughout the 20th century.

The carbon tax is fashionable. We have already a whole trafficking quota system of “rights to emit CO2”. Obama even wants to copy this corrupt system.
The “liberal” wing (called modernistic) of the Roman Catholic church supports this dangerous system and encourages Europe, UNO and G8 in this evil way. By doing this it is betraying the One who says that “the truth shall make you free”; because this whole affair is based on lies and rejects these truths:

  1. If warming is real, it is due to solar activity, and not to “greenhouse effect gas”,
  2. Human activity accounts there for nothing,
  3. Warming is better than an ice age,
  4. To reduce the CO2 emissions would have no effect on temperature,
  5. The techniques and the taxes aiming at reducing the CO2 emissions harm the economic activity and thus bring misery.

Some find an ideological or political interest to spread and exploit the lies of a man made “global warming”. They still have money, but science is not on their side (cf

The French state claims to favor the future generations with this project, but it is also a lie, because:

We point out that, according to the Bible, the role of the state must be limited to the administration of justice, and that all addition to it is harmful.

La Trêve de Dieu