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PRESS RELEASE Nov. 22, 2006:
French Telethon, a diversion of charity

The French Telethon is 20 years old. One could criticize this great media operation of charity for his appeals to emotion and pious gush. But there is much more serious. The French Telethon is financing today sordid activities pertaining to eugenics.
Christians will thus prefer to direct their gifts towards actions and research respecting human life, and we also support the bishop of Frejus-Toulon, Mgr Dominique Rey, who talks in the same direction.

1. Why you should not give to the French Telethon
AFM, the association organizer of Telethon, militates in favor of eugenic politicsTheir only reference is the French law, with a total contempt for God's higher Law:
For several years, AFM has been informed about the iniquitous character of these practices, without being led to repent.
Since the beginning Christians give a part of their incomes to exert charity. But to give to an association encouraging such activities would be a sacrilege.

2. Who is to receive charity?
Charity's funds belong to God and are intended to finance the Christian actions and objectives, for example:
With Mgr Rey, we thus invite Christians to give wisely to organizations which develop new directions of research respecting the ethics of life.
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