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PRESS RELEASE Sept. 7, 2005:
The Millennium Development Goals, or how the UNO promotes abortion

On September 14 to 16, the UN will hold a "World Summit" where it will deal with Millennium Development Goals (MDG). But, these MDG hide some eugenistic goals that many MDG's supporters have not yet seen.

1. The grand UNO manipulation
In 2000 UNO launched a great challenge in what it calls the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). These are 8 simple goals, able to be approved by the greatest number. Who would be in favor of poverty? Against development?
1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
2. Achieve universal primary education
3. Promote gender equality and empower women
4. Reduce child mortality
5. Improve maternal health
6. Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
7. Ensure environmental sustainability
8. Develop a global partnership for development

So some Christians started to campaign in favor of these MDGs, taking part in demonstrations with white ribbons, concerts, etc. Their involvement makes possible to re gild the reputation of UNO, strong weakened by the scandals of its generalized corruption.

However the MDG actually covers unhealthy, harmful and criminal objectives: inter alia, they include the promotion of abortion of the poor. This has a name: eugenics and malthusianism.
About UN's method: in 2002, the UNO discreetly launched task forces to define the detail of these MDGs; and the devil hides in the details! These task forces are led by people faithful to the usual goals of UN (eugenicists, Malthusians, socialists, etc.) and thus draw odious reports which are supposed to detail the MDGs.
Officially, these reports from the task forces are only "advisory". But actually, they are used in the field to assess the "progress" of the MDGs!

The most blatant example, is the report on "Education and Gender Equality" [], issued in January 2005. It is directed mainly by Nancy Birdsall, who is an avowed Malthusian.
This "call to action" recommends from cover to cover that « Interventions to improve sexual and reproductive health and rights must therefore be a priority and should occur both within and outside the health system. At a minimum, national public health systems must provide quality family planning services, emergency obstetric care, safe abortion (where legal), post abortion care, prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted infections (including HIV), and interventions to reduce malnutrition and anemia. Outside the health system sexuality education programs are needed to lay the foundation for improved sexual and reproductive health outcomes. Ultimately, these interventions must be supported by an enabling policy and political environment that guarantees women's and girls' sexual and reproductive rights. »
This report also recommends the use of statistical indicators to measure the "performance". In the case of the "Sexual and reproductive health and rights", these indicators are:
«- Proportion of contraceptive demand satisfied. »
«- Adolescent fertility rate. »

In the field, these indicators are already used. It can be verified in the countries' reports [] that they are already assessing the success of the #5 MDG on the "contraceptive prevalence" and "the universal access to the family planning". Let nobody tell us that this is an "advisory" report!

The vocabulary used by the UN has a benign look. But, in the parlance and practice of UN, "to guarantees sexual and reproductive rights" and all the other citations we made, mean without any doubt their will to impose abortion, (abortive) chemical contraception and sex education (outside of parental control) to the poor, under the pretext of fighting poverty.
This is the usual, traditional propaganda and entry points of the abortion promoters.

And the draft outcome document for the September 14-16 "World Summit" already contains 2 references to an "universal access to reproductive health" which means  "universal legalization of abortion"!

2. Why do we find Christians in this scheme?
A very important concern is that we nowhere found within MDG Christian supporters' documents any contestation of these criminal goals, nor even the least reservation. [ cf the "Micah Challenge", "Justice and Peace commission", etc. ]
They spread the UN MDG's propaganda, detailing certain aspects which they like, but they seem not to see what we are exposing.

But, many clues informed them of this danger:
How could Christians imagine that some good might be drawn from the UNO? Whereas:
The Christian alternative [Mission + free economy] does exist and it is the only one working to reduce misery. But it works only with Christians who perform charity in projects that they themselves finance and control, not with joining Marxist Robin Hoods who claim they perform charity with the money of others and the weapons of the revolutionists.

But will these Christians trapped with the UN's MDGs have enough courage to dissociate themselves of it? It would actually be the best way for them of not losing the face and of really reducing the world's misery.

The Truce of God

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