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To reach the universal usage of these abortifacient devices, while most of the population of the world is a priori against abortion, it has been necessary to lie, and lie, and to install effective disinformation devices:

The first stage, infiltration: to "make people swallow the pill" they have hidden its abortifacient nature, which was suspected from the beginning and was quickly confirmed.

Thus, in 1965, a catholic woman said: "The question in my mind was, How does it work? (...) I know that one university theologian was alarmed about the moral implications. (...) The main question was: Does it prevent conception--or does it destroy the fetus after conception occurs? Nobody knew quite how the Pill worked."(1), this did not bar her from taking the pill all the same...

The eugenicist lobby had begun to hush up the affair: the Swedish researcher Bent Boving had already commented as follows on a Parenthood Planning / Population Council symposium in 1959 : "Finally, the fact of giving implantation control the advantage of being socially considered as conception prevention rather than the destruction of an initiated / established pregnancy, is simply the habit of prudent language"(2).

Indeed at that time (1964), the Population Council very well knew that the acceptance or rejection of their products relied on their being abortifacient or not.

In 1969, the FDA Consulting Committee (USA), under the direction of doctor Philip Corfman issued the following report on the use of the "pill" : "The second major effect is on the endometrium. The progestin acts as an antiestrogen causing alteration in endometrial glands and as a progestin, causing pseudodecidual reactions. Both of these alter the ability of the endometrium to participate in the process of implantation."(3).

Like all other scientific reports, this one and the others were not easily available to the general public. Several books have been published about the secondary effects on women. Generally, they are overwhelming and cast doubt on the pharmaceutical industries, not very inclined to see its clients diminish. Among these books, the "Dossier Hormones"(4) by B. and G. Seaman is remarkable : the authors, of a feminist-eugenicist mind analyze the facts ; this book, published in 1977 in the United States, is published in France in 1982, translated among others by Maya Surduts, who reappears later in the CADAC (extremist anti-Rescue group) seeking to promote the "pill".

We are wrong if we think that we failed to communicate the abortifacient nature of hormonal contraceptives. Reality is even more disturbing: anyway the public did not want to know about it: in the short run, chemical contraception permitted women to best plan their professional and family life, within a context of family devaluation and ever growing fiscal and social pressure. This new technique also permitted to vulgarize the sexual revolution, sold as a liberation from oppressing and unfair taboos.

The second phase, consolidation, consists in changing the sense of words to strengthen the ignorance of reality . First, they seek to deceive people about the human nature of the embryo. The American Academy of Gynecology invents a new definition of "conception" in 1965: "Conception is the implantation of fertilized ovum".

A new definition of the word "abortion" then appeared: make the embryo die after implantation, thus assimilating abortion to the mechanic phenomenon of pulling the foetus out from the uterus and not to moral or criminal accusation anymore. The advertisement of "emergency contraception" states: "(...) emergency contraceptive pills (...) does not cause an abortion. (In fact, because emergency contraception helps women avoid getting pregnant when they are not ready or able to have children, it can reduce the need for abortion.) Emergency contraceptive pills or the IUD as emergency contraception work before pregnancy begins. According to leading medical authorities (...) pregnancy begins when the fertilized egg implants in the lining of a woman's uterus. Implantation begins five to seven days after sperm fertilizes the egg, and the process is completed several days later. Emergency contraception will not work if a woman is already pregnant."(5)

Baulieu, who is the media voice and promoter of the RU486 -- which he has never invented, let's not disappoint his flatterers --, makes the promotion of the abortifacient preimplantation drugs with the same argument, while he has recognized that the embryo is a human being from fertilization (process Nathanson/ Baulieu 1992).

Occidental countries legislated within confusion maintained (6): That is how the IUD and the hormone pills have been classified as "contraceptive" means.

Other language subversions are also being operated by the same eugenicist industrial complex focusing the Third World countries opposed to abortion: in Bangladesh they talk about extraction or about menstrual regulation : the word abortion would start repression, the replacement words, manipulated with art, will make the change.

The third phase, deployment, consists in going even further and to shift the words sense a bit more, up to the point of inverting the sense : by calling contraception to the abortion , and bioethics, to eugenics. Thus they present abortion as a means to save lives. The WHO calculates unreliable figures of dead women as consequence of clandestine abortions (they have just passed from 200,000 to 80,000 women / year in the world in a mysterious way)(7)since by definition that which is clandestine is impossible to count. In contrast they accuse the pro-life of killing abortionists (who is benefiting from these crimes, but the pro-abortion lobby?).

It is also the sense of the present campaign in favor of massively abortifacient drugs (low dosage pills, RU486, Tétragynon, Preven, etc...), on the pretext of reducing the doses and therefore the secondary effects, together with the mass media construction smokescreen of "genetic manipulations ", which the press always represents as dangerous if a hypothetical military (eugenicist dictator, the word is old-fashioned) wanted to make use of them. Thus they seek to hide the real contemporary eugenics which is shown in the violent depopulationist maneuvers in the Third World and in the increasing exploitation of the very young human beings: fabrication of cells, vaccines, sera, of organs for transplants, experiments of transplantation of human organs to animals and vice-versa, tests to measure the efficacy of chemical substances or of vaccines against inoculated diseases or tests of chemical or biological weapons to develop "ethnical weapons"; today, it is less expensive (sale forbidden, free transfer) to use a human embryo (8), or a fetus, or a child aborted through a caesarian at eight months, to make these abhorrent experiments (civil and military, which do not have any equivalent in history but the "experiments" of Mengele/ Von Vershuer, Clauberg, Ishi, etc.), than using monkeys or rats, increasingly protected by their friends, the ecologists. But they will attest that they are not seeking to make fair haired and blue eyed children (9). On the other hand, they know very well how to select big amounts of children for reimplantation in IVF/ET. woe betide the one who as a suspect gene, he will end in a lab or in the drainage!

What is really at stake

Sexual revolution, invented together and separately by the eugenicists of Sanger's sphere of influence (today represented by Planned Parenthood) and by the Marxist revolutionaries (Wilhelm Reich, Gramsci, represented today in France by the leftist-communist, now in power), is an extremely powerful tool used to change values and behavior. By leading the population to its own corruption through unhealthy practices, they become an immoral people thus incapable of fighting injustice, of righting a wrong : when you are implicated, you cannot protest anymore, because, in fact you are an accomplice, you would go back on your decision.

At the same time, the encouragement of unemployment and of material misery through the large-scale exploitation of society by the State (excessive taxes and levies), weakens the capacity of reaction of the population and increases the pressure it undergoes.

Social engineering is then possible on this anaesthetized and conditioned "mass" in order to attempt to carry out important utopia : therefore it is necessary for these to be carried out, that the human nature changes and that a human evolution (in the Darwinian sense) takes place. These utopia are eugenicist and elitist; in spite of their propaganda, they are not focused to the general wealth but to the interest of the ruling classes, which estimate that the most important part of the population is inferior to them, and should have the rank of animals.

These policies are fully unrealistic on the long run and absurd (if we considered that their promoters are sincere), which does not bar them from carrying them out with enthusiastically and causing damages. It is within this frame that we can find compulsory abortions (China) and masked sterilization (Philippines, India, Mexico, Peru, etc...), abortions camouflaged as contraception (everywhere), with the financial and logistic support of the UN through its different branches: the UNFPA, the UNICEF, the WHO.

The first victims are children and women. The aimed at target is the family institution, namely in order to prevent it from playing its counter-power role in view of the State's hegemony and of the UN. That is the reason why it is possible to find Marxists of all kinds whose god is the almighty State.

Besides this political motive, we can find a religious masked motive. The will to make people abort, i.e. to kill human beings, is essential to a large number of paganisms and in witchcraft: sacrifice, above all human sacrifice, permits to obtain the "powers".

Moreover, one of the activities and sources of important revenues of witchcraft has been since ancient times the preparation of abortifacient filters, (the word "pharmacy" comes from the Greek word "pharmakeia" which means "witchcraft").(10)

Therefore it is natural that abortion and eugenics promoters have affinity with New-Age (the contemporary revival of paganisms) and witchcraft. It is possible to find in their ways of going about things a certain number of permanent features peculiar to alchemy, its main occidental branch, such as:

the replacement of science by superstition and dangerous, not very scientific makeshifts, including the spiritual elements (sacrifice of children); the UN is increasingly openly in line with this promotion of superstition: its promotion of the "earth's chart " shows its materialist pantheism, worshipper of Gaia, mother Earth, in opposition to all monotheisms. The interest of human beings is not the main concern, but that of a "deity", the earth, for which they would only be a threat; therefore it is necessary that they do not grow too much, from which the concept of "sustainable development" (for Gaia) is derived as well as the promotion of eugenics and of depopulation.

the search for the philosopher's stone: that which would transform today's "savage" humankind in a "superior" humankind, which would also solve the [false] problem of overpopulation; thus eugenicists dream of cheap and very effective sterilization, in this connection they seek to introduce the so called contraceptives in the Third World, by explaining that they will become gold, that of an economic development caused because of a lowering in the fertility rate (which is an economic absurdity!),

fraud: the deceit as to the merchandise and the laziness of alchemists; in fact "the most typical motive of alchemists isn't but (...) their lack of capacity to earn their living like everyone else and the desire to survive otherwise than through agriculture, commerce, craft or industry. (...) They prefer to become rich all of a sudden through supernatural means such as alchemy."(11) . Isn't that a good description of Sanger, Pincus, and other sorcerer's apprentices? Is there a more disloyal means of facing emerging countries's competition than eliminating them physically?

What can we do?

Isn't there any woman in France who has felt cheated, deceived, manipulated after having used chemical contraception in good faith, sincerely believing that she had not committed abortion? Wouldn't it be possible to take proceedings because of fraud with goods sold, poisoning,, etc. Do the parents of a young woman who was poisoned with the "pill" consider the loss of their daughter as a small percentage?

While boycott is not legal in France, at least pressure on the manufacturers could be exerted: Roussel-Uclaf had to be sensitive to it.
The power of truth can change many things, it will finally remain, even if it is difficult to convey the message, as far as a big portion of the public does not want to listen to it.

But we are not here to tell stories to please our contemporaries.



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7. c.f. the same press release issued by the WHO.

8. Unfortunately we do not invent anything, for this can be found in the ordinary press: le Monde on its issue of 11/7/1998 recounts the first results of an American research: "These researchers reveal (...) having managed to isolate and cultivate human embryonic cells naturally capable of transforming and multiplying ad infinitum in a laboratory and susceptible of giving birth to different tissues making part of the human body. (...) It was also discovered that by introducing a gene coming from a carcinogenic virus -SV40 virus- in ex vivo human cells, it gave them an unilimited division potential. This has permitted the creation of stocks of cells coming from certain organs: liver, kidneys, cartilage... Such stocks of differentiated cells are of great interest in cell pharmacology research. In the industrial domain, they can sometimes replace the animal models. (...) The American team explains (...) having (...) managed to create ex vivo five ES human cell stocks [for Embryonic Stem cells], from thirty six "fresh" or frozen embryos, all of them conceived by in vitro fertilization"

9. which is true but they still do not know quite well how to do it, but it is about a plastron: this reminds us of the nazi horrors, and we establish ourselves as fierce opponents to better recover the spirit.

10. We find here for example this collusion in the affair of poisons that took place under the reign of Louis XIV and that shed light on the mixed practices of witchcraft, human sacrifies, divination, alchemy, abortions and poisonings, related to the high society of that time (among which was Mme de Montespan, the king's favourite) ; at that time the king protected his friends and did not allow the justice to punish but the others, among which were those carrying out the actions. Among the latter, "la Voisin", a witch and abortionist of more than 2500 children; "la Filastre" who cut her own children's throats in sacrifice; Guibourg, Cotton and other perverted priests.

11. Ibn Khaldûn, Discours sur l'histoire universelle [Introduction to Universal History], 1377. True, the alchemists have a sort of affinitiy with forged currency.

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